Auto FumeFx

Leaving for the night but you got to get that FumeFX Sim done. Check this handy script buried in the help file.

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
$.selectedcache = 0 –Select default cache

$.runsimulation 0 –Sim default cache

$.selectedcache = 0 –Select default cache again just in case

$.runsimulation 2 –Sim wavelet cache

$.selectedcache = 1 –Select wavelet cache


Also if your running RPManager you can add this to the end to get it to render after it Sims.

[sourcecode language=”plain”] "RPManager" RPManager"

RPMrendSubmit.netsubmit #(1)


number stands for the pass you want to render ie(123)

Removing auto applied retainers in 3dsmax


If you’ve ever experienced a major slow down in your max files ???

Take a look at this along with a solution.

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
deleteTrackViewController t n.controller;

If you have hundreds or even thousands of Retimers in your scene file that becomes unmanageable, this post shows a couple of approaches for cleaning them out using MAXScript.

Thinking particles Custom data channels to Krakatoa PRT & Frost

A recent project which involves having 110,000 butterflies on a wall. I needed to find a way to pass TP driven  animation times to a PRT for rendering in Frost. Took awhile but here is how it worked for me.

In TP I had a data channel named “GeomTime” which held every particles current animation frame. To pass this to a PRT I had to manually type in “GeomTime” in Krakatoa’s particle channels to save to disk as it did not show up in the included channels. Set it to integer 32bit (lower bit rates didn’t seem to work).


Check out some other images from the same TP system below

Fume FX position issues

Anyone ever figured a way to fix this? The FumeFX image will get blocky and more blocky the farther you get away from 0,0,0


* The System Scale parameter is only accessible through MaxScript. Here’s a quote from Kresimir Tkalcec from the Afterworks forums:

“Some params that are visible from MXS and not documented are not officially supported, and/or they’re used internally.”

To set the parameter say to a value of 0.5, simple select your FumeFX Grid Object and enter this to the Listener:

$.systemScale = 0.5

So I was able to solve my issue using this method and by increasing the Step Size %