Render Presets

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Renders (2018 setups)

Beauty static renders

Only the Camera is animated

Camera and Geo is animated

Things to change quickly for better renders

  • Image Sampler : 0.002
  • Global Illumination Radius : 2″




I like to rename my render elements so tht other can under stand how I’m using them.


MultiLayer_Exr_Addition  VRayOptionRE I use this to enable OpenEXR 2 features by enabling the exr multipart

These are all the elements you need to recreate the rendering in programs such as Nuke

Element_Diffuse VRayDiffuseFilter
Element_GlobalIllumination VRayGlobalIllumination
Element_Lighting VRayLighting
Element_Reflection VRayReflection
Element_Refraction VRayRefraction
Element_SelfIllumination VRaySelfIllumination
Element_Shadows VRayShadows
Element_Specular VRaySpecular

AOV (Arbitrary Output Variable). These are utility elements that are not used in re-creating an image.

AOV_BumpNormals VRayBumpNormals
AOV_Normals VRayNormals
AOV_ZDepth VRayZDepth
AOV_Velocity VRayVelocity
AOV_Cryptomatte VRayCryptomatte
AOV_Denoiser VRayDenoiser

This is just a unfiltered alpha that come in handy some times.

Matte_Alpha VRayAlpha