Banshee | Television

Banshee | Television

Episodic | Pilot
CG Supervisor: Armen Kevorkian
Studio: Encore Hollywood

65th Emmy Award Winner
Outstanding Special Visual Effects
In A Supporting Role – 2013


Animation, L&R, Rigging and FX of cars and bus.


Creating consistency

The first step was to create a list of cars that you might see in New York. Then a important step was to make sure we could quickly change base properties of the vehicles. We used 10 vehicles which had all their Material ID’s matching. This means, for example, the paint material ID was these same for each vehicle. This allowed  me to randomize the colors of each vehicle as well as helping the compositing team work faster.

Cars, cars, everywhere

The we tried to cram in as many cars as we could. But in order to show cars avoiding the talent we also had a spread them out a bit. Each tire had a automatic tire rotation and turning script. Sometime these would update automatically unless I was late for dailies.

Each car also had a very simple human character ( 0:13 sec ). Dont laugh to hard.

The New York’s taxis was reused many time as anyone that has visited NYC will know the abundance of them. Each one had custom made Ads.

Creating and destroying a bus

I had the most fun part of the project here. The bus was custom built for this project. It needed to be divided up into real pieces. Where there was a seam on the bus it needed to exist in the model. I needed all these so that when we finally destroyed it the viewer would believe what the saw.

I got to watch a lot of semi-truck roll over and buses hitting objects at speed videos. I then hand animated the bus driving down the street, the driver getting shot (which wasn’t really shown), losing control, ramming a parked SUV, and epically fall over on its side. This was all dynamically driving a Thinking Particle system that would detach and throw random object off it : Seats, metal bars, trash, etc.

In the style of Hollywood, the bus flipping over wasn’t enough. It needed to chase the lead actor down the street and create a “almost got you” ending.