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Korengal Valley | Squad (Community Modder)

Games | 2019

Studio: Offworld Industries LLC



Level and shader creation

Community mod

"It time to update"

In the late 2000's I was the sole creator of a map for the mod Project Reality. At the time I have limited photos and even more limited video of the area. So getting the location to be real was extremely hard.

The map started as a community created and was then integrated into the full mod due to the uniqueness. I've been using this map not only as a community wanted map but also a step into Unreal Editor.

Squad is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.

"It need to be real"

What I loved about the original Project Reality map was it was small which made it a pain to get around and ease to get lost all while having to navigating impassable areas and keeping in a lookout for ambushes. This will not change as I intend to build on what I learned in its original ... especially filling in all those inescapable holes.

In this re-imagining I'm set to introduce multiple environments. From mountain rivers, crops, hillside villages, rocky mountain trails and snow covered mountain tops. I find it extremely important for this to be real. The actual location was a hard and unforgiving environment.