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Games | 2019
Studio: Offworld Industries LLC

Community Mod



Look dev and level creation




"It's time for an update"

I was the sole creator of Korengal Valley for the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality. At the time I have limited photos and even more limited video of the area. So getting the location to be real was extremely hard.

The map started as "community created" and was then integrated into the full mod due to the uniqueness. You either hated it or loved to hate it.

Squad is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.

"It needs to be real"

What I loved about the original Project Reality map was it was small which made it a pain to get around and ease to get lost all while having to navigating impassable areas and keeping in a lookout for ambushes. This will not change as I intend to build on what I learned in its original ... especially filling in all those inescapable holes.

In this re-imagining I'm set to introduce multiple environments. From mountain rivers, crops, hillside villages, rocky mountain trails and snow covered mountain tops. I find it extremely important for this to be real. The actual location was a hard and unforgiving environment.

"New engine, whos this?"

The original Korengal for Project reality was built in the BF2 Editor from EA/DICE. This time with new free software we had a powerfully scalable engine that could really bring the scale of Korengal Valley to life.

With my 3d background and solid understanding of 2d the node based Unreal just clicked. I was now able to quickly Look Dev and turn around ideas quickly.

Another node based software was World Machine. While this formed the base of the level it was further refined in the UE4 editor. In the future I plan to re-texture the level by bridging the land geo into Houdini and running a more advanced level texturing algorithm.

"The tone is everything"

With new PBR shaders and Unreal I sent out for a day into the wild looking for textures. Heading east of Seattle I found the right weather and environment for my textures. Just my luck its was an overcast day so my textures got great diffused lighting. A stop half way between the mountains offered up some snow texture opportunities. These were then created using substance.

In order to limit the maximum Unreal textures I packed the textures. RGB, N, and MRAH ( Metallic + Roughness + AO + Height ).