Drone Photography / Videography

Mavic 2 Mini

"To Jetty Island"

First time flying over large area of water. Needed to be very aware of passing sail boats.

This is all in camera with no filters, what a nice day!


Artistic Red Shoot whatever inspires you

Artistic: Red Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don't be afraid to be creative.

From a local coffee shop to the winter mountains. This was a fun challenge finding red. This course is really helping rediscover photography!


Here's a short video from our dive this weekend at Brackett’s landing in Edmonds, Wa.

We were down for 55 minutes at a max depth of 29 feet as it was low tide. Lots of fun and a good practice for warmer weather. Definitely need to work on getting a dry suit cert If I want to continue to dive in Washington. Water temp was fine but getting out sucked.

We had a lot of fun!



B&W Look for a scene with great contrast.