Production : Film
VFX Supervisor: Robert Nederhorst
VFX Studio: Svengali FX


CG Supervisor
Visual Effects Artist



80 shots

Svengali FX handled around 80 shots for the theocratic city known as City Five, and the Jericho wasteland outpost. The city, in particular, was designed to feel enclosed, isolated and oppressive

For the Jericho environments, some of which are featured in harsh daylight, production shot a practical set that Svengali extended. In addition, a large degree of atmosphere and smoke was added to the Jericho and City Five scenes, including shots showing an elevator. “That was a 100 per cent CG building with a projected matte painting at the bottom,” says Nederhorst. “The beam of light was a volummetric effect in 3ds Max. I composited this shot myself, adding some lens flares in Nuke, and was pretty excited to work on it seeing as it was an ode to the Bradbury shot from Blade Runner.”