CG Animals / Humans

Are you looking for that creepy animal your actors need to fight off? Swarming with man eating bugs? Cant have your actors fighting a real bear?

CG Vehicles

Cars on set are expensive and require insurance. Let me create a digital car and you dont have to worry about the insurance gecko!

Digital Doubles

Talent hate when you throw them into a volcano. Lets make a digital version of them and them throw it into the volcano.

2D / 3D Set Extensions

Shooting in LA but you wish you were in 1870 sea port? Let see how we bring your story to life.

Sign Replacements

Need licensed name removed let get that taken care of. Let turn Wallmart into Wally World.

Fire, Smoke, Explosions and Destruction

Dallas - "Boom Yeah I understand Boom."

"Big Badda Boom. " - Leeloo

Digital Make up

Need a pimple removed? Lets discuss how to make the talent look even better.

Blue and Green Screen

Tracking markers are the easy part. Let me work with your crew to get the best green screen pulls.