Film | 2009
Director: Roland Emmerich
Studio: Uncharted Territory


Freeway Rigs & Animation
Smoke & Fire



Creating rebar supports

The first step we needed to take was creating artist driven supports. This was one of my first tasks. Create LA like freeway supports and fracture them in a way to facilitate the destruction  system. Most of these were achieved using link controller and morph targets for the rebars which would drive a FX system. These would eventually be handed over to the animators for destruction direction.

Expanding that to a whole freeway section

Because the supports were a great success it was decided to do this with the freeways surfaces as well. The freeway was connected via 4 support positions and then pre fractured in larger sections. These sections were all dynamically linked and then added to the FX system driving the master destruction FX.

Everything comes crashing down

Here is a great shot showing all the fx that went into a sequence. Final Render, RayFire, Thinking Particles, FumeFX all were used in the creation of this shot. See if you can catch the “A-Team” like van jumping and crushing a person.

Uncharted Territories 2012 Crew
Uncharted Territories 2012 Crew