Production Name

Studio: The WB
VFX Studio: Mechnology
Episode: S6 E18 – Spin City

Spider Demons kidnap Piper, infect Chris and cause him to mutate into a spider.


  • Lead Artist
  • Look Dev
  • Lighting and rendering


Spider man moves

Mastering the art of rigging and animating a CG spider, enabling it to traverse various surfaces with seamless grace, is a formidable and exhilarating endeavor. The rigging must seamlessly adapt to diverse planes, ensuring unwavering stability while guaranteeing that not a single thread of realism unravels.

Now play dead

Elevating a character’s believability lies in the subtleties. In this instance, I painstakingly orchestrated a minuscule arm wiggle in the spider’s motion as the emerald-hued goo oozed from its form. Though seemingly minor, it’s these meticulous details that truly ignite my passion for infusing that extra layer of authenticity.

“Cast a fire spell”

Throughout production, the recurring question was a simple yet magical one: “Can you make it appear as though it’s casting a spell?” Without hesitation, my response was an unwavering “Yes!” In that moment, I seamlessly melded with the spider, weaving enchantment into every frame.