Episodic | 2013-2014

CG Supervisor: Stephan Fleet

Studio: Encore Hollywood

Episodes: Ascension, A New World, A Pack of Cards, Care and Feeding, and More in Heaven and Earth


  • Destruction FX
  •  Smoke and Fire FX


  • 3dsmax
  • V-Ray
  • Nuke

“Big badda boom”

For the season 1 finale my team was tasked with destroying a space station.  I used Thinking Particles, Fume and a lot of compositing love from very talented team. The show runners wanted to make sure the stations was completely destroyed so each piece needed to break into smaller and smaller pieces.

A honey bomb? You know a REAL sticky bomb!

Using quick multi-materials assignments we went thru a brain storming phase. The show really enjoy blending cg with live action. Once we have the footage tracked I created a 3d version of the bomb. I then used basic particles that would drive a blob mesh like simulation.