Production Name

Agency: Art Class
VFX Studio: Nexodus
Role: Senior CG Generalist


Look Dev
Lighting and rendering


Substance Designer
Substance Painter


The shot is of a man trying to find some peace while he watches his sports updates. Looking at different gargoyles in New York I created this one which had a gothic leaning. The background is a mix of 3d and 2d digital matte paintings provided from a DMP artist.


This shot was one of the hardest. The director had chosen a photo taken on set and wanted that to be used. The DMP arts was kind enough to provided a layered version of the photo which I then I mapped on to simple geo. Because of the complex movement of the camera I need to fill in areas that would stretch the DMP. I used a complex blend mutli material to accomplish that.

My favorite part was a water material that I added some leaf’s to the water.


Could I just get some peace and quite? How about out on Liberty island?