Deadline > Tools > Options > Image Viewers >
  • Preferred Image Viewer > CustomViewer1
  • Custom Image Viewer
  • Executable > /opt/rv/rv-centos7-x86-64-2021.1.0/bin/rvpush
  • Arguments > merge {SEQ%}
  • Name > RV

Setting up double click to view in RV Player in Deadline
Deadline > Tools > Options > Monitor Options > Task List >
  • Completed Task double-click Behavior > View Image

Error: ERR: [#####] [#####] License Error

  • Issue: Check to make sure your not running max in workstation mode.
  • Fix: Job Properties -> 3dsmax Settings -> Render Options -> Render in Slave Mode [True/False]

Error: 3dsmax: Trapped SEH Exception in LoadFromFile(): In Page Error

  • Max ran out of memory. Scene too big

Error: RenderTask: Unexpected exception

  • Note that when an error occurs in a Max render, we parse the Max render log
  • This means the problem should be listed in the log

Error: Timed out during script execution

  • The current machine is running out of memory or is to slow.

WARNING: Unable to locate local render file

  • Turn Deadline SMTD > Render > 3ds Max Pathing > (Uncheck) Remove Filename Padding
  • Use 3dsmax > Render Setup > V-Ray > Frame Buffer >V-Ray raw image file > “…” >
  • (Turn off) Dot-delimited frame numbe

Did you know you can double click a rendered shot inside of deadline and have it auto load in other programs?

My current available programs are: PD Player, Photoshop and Nuke:

Step 1:

Deadline Monitor > Tools > Options > 

Step 2:

Deadline Monitor > Tools > Options > Monitor Options

Make sure your Completed Task Double-click Behavior is set to View Image

I would also recommend:

  • Rendering Task Double-click Behavior is set to Connect to Slave Log
  • Failed Task Double-click Behavior is set to View Report

Step 3:

Deadline Monitor > Tools > Options > Image Viewers

Settings for PD Player

  • Executable = C:/Program Files/Pdplayer 64/pdplayer64.exe (Path to your PD Player install)
  • Arguments = “{FRAME}”
  • Name = PDPlayer
  • Check on “Viewer Supports Chunked Tasks (Will load the sequence instead of just)

Settings for Photoshop

  • Executable = C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2018/Photoshop.exe
  • Arguments = “{FRAME}”
  • Name = Photoshop
  • Check OFF “Viewer Supports Chunked Tasks (Photoshop doesn’t support frames sequences)

Settings for Nuke

  • Executable = C:/Program Files/Nuke10.5v1/Nuke10.5.exe
  • Arguments = -v {SEQ#}
  • Name = Nuke
  • Check on “Viewer Supports Chunked Tasks

One of the worst thing to come back to is dead/wrong renders. Here is a tip to hopefully spot them before they happen

Step 1:
After submitting your job and go to “Modify Frame range”

Step 2: Job Frame Range

Write this variable under your “Frame List”

Step 3: Enter variable

What this is telling deadline is to render frames 1-150 every 10 frames then render the remaining 1-150 frames
Click Ok

This warning to just to inform you that the frames numbers are being modified
Click Yes

Step 3: Check if it worked

Click on “Modify Frame range” again. You should see the “Frame List’ listing your new frames like this
Click “Ok”

Step 4 OPTIONAL way to NOT waste render time

  • Under the Task panel for your job
  • Select all the frames that are not part of your first x10
  • Suspend them. This way you can check your frist x10’s before rendering them all out.