The root of this issue is the Quicktime’s H.264. An ongoing error/bug. Even if your rendering out an mp4 your most likely warping it about a quicklime.

The Video Card way to fix this:

  • Open your NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Under Select a Task…
  • Video > Adjust video color settings
  • 2. How do you make color adjustments?
    • Switch from “With the video player settings”
    • Switch “With NVIDIA settings”
  • Under Advanced
    • Change the Dynamic range:
      • Limited (16-235) to Full (0-255)
  • Do this for each monitor
  • Remember to Apply

ERROR : error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Rendering region Last marker is at ./src/globillummap.cpp, line 1449: GlobalIllumMap::buildLightMap() {1}

  • SOLUTION : Try Turning off Auto under V-Ray > Settings > System > Default Geometry > Switch Auto to Dynamic. Using TP? Try loading your cache on a new simple Thinking Particles.