Clear Clipboard History using Command Prompt

To clear the Clipboard History using the command line, open CMD.exe and execute the following command:

echo off | clip

Add Clear Clipboard to Context Menu

Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


In the left pane, right-click on Shell and select New > Key, and name it Clear Clipboard.

Next, right-click on this newly created Clear Clipboard key, select New > Key and name it Command.

Now in the right pane, double-click on Default, select Modify, and in the Value Data box, give it the following Value Data:

cmd.exe /c echo off | clip

Here is what/how i’ve found to install Nuke on a windows machine

  • Requires Admin : setx NUKE_PATH *Your nuke Plugin Folder* /m
  • Requires Admin : setx foundry_LICENSE “4101@LICENSESERVER” /m

Installing from the Command Line


Farm Rendering Error Codes:
0 – Success
1 – Error (no further detail, but typically happens with invalid/inconsistent parameters passed into Nuke) Check Log
100 – Licence error – Cant find the License server, this could be a network issue.


Farm Install Error Codes:
Failure: Command exited with code: 1
Command Stderr: ERROR: Access to the registry path is denied.
Solution: Command must be ran as a Admin


The root of this issue is the Quicktime’s H.264. An ongoing error/bug. Even if your rendering out an mp4 your most likely warping it about a quicklime.

The Video Card way to fix this:

  • Open your NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Under Select a Task…
  • Video > Adjust video color settings
  • 2. How do you make color adjustments?
    • Switch from “With the video player settings”
    • Switch “With NVIDIA settings”
  • Under Advanced
    • Change the Dynamic range:
      • Limited (16-235) to Full (0-255)
  • Do this for each monitor
  • Remember to Apply