Need to Know : 

As it currently stands only Nuke & Fusion can add post color corrections (also know as Tone Mapping) correctly. Photoshop and After Effects require addition plug-ins. This means if you are doing Animations you can keep your animation/Image Linear, if your doing stills you will need to save your correction out of the V-Ray Frame buffer or use separate render channels option in Vray (this will save/bake your correction) but you are saving the highlight burn into the file.Here are some plugin you can upgrade Photoshop & After Effects.

Arion FX –

Photomatix –

  • Image >Adjustments >HDR Toning
  • Copy setting above (I’ll keep working on these)
  • Tone Curve and HistogramFirst point: 0, 0
  • Second: 27, 23
  • Third: 89, 90
  • Fourth 100, 93

Use this if you are manually loading in a color correction from 3dsmax.

  1. Load the LUT
    1. NUKE: Load using the Vectorfield Gizmo
  1. Non LUT’s
    1. You can recreate the 3dsmax&VRay style with custom gizmos like :
    1. LINK :
    2. Or use a expression Node
Expressions, Change the BurnAmount to a number between 0-1