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101 – Frames Standards

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Frames start on 0

Frames start on 1

The Edit

Lets say your editing program is set to 0 - 10 frames. How many frames do you have?

Frames base 0

Renders from 3d, great same frames count. Of course we got 11 frames not 10. But both programs understand that start.

The Edit

Editor need 10 frames

Frames base 0

If the editor needs 10 many frames are you giving them?

The Editor

Sequence frames

Now here is where this issue starts to show. If I recieved a frame sequence from 3d that starts at frame 4 to 8 does this frame belong at frame 3 in my editing program or frame 4?

The Editor

We have an edit request from an outside vendor. They have asked to get you new 3d renders for 255-260.

Did they start at frame 0?

Did they add 1 second of color bars / Slate to the beginning?


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