Thinking Particles : Data Channels to PRTs

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A recent project which involves having 110,000 butterflies on a wall. I needed to find a way to pass TP driven  animation times to a PRT for rendering in Frost. Took awhile but here is how it worked for me.

In TP I had a data channel named “GeomTime” which held every particles current animation frame. To pass this to a PRT I had to manually type in “GeomTime” in Krakatoa’s particle channels to save to disk as it did not show up in the included channels. Set it to integer 32bit (lower bit rates didn’t seem to work).


Mike Oakely

Mike Oakely

Mike Oakley is a seasoned and passionate freelance visual effects artist in Seattle, Wa. He is a true generalist. Animations, material creations, FX, composting, editing, audio are all skills he enjoys working with. In 2013 he won a Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for the episodic "Banshee". His energetic attitude, strong work ethic and creative insight assures projects are completed on time and exceed expectations. He enjoys changing of hats on a project to fill in gaps on a production.