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Elements & AOVs (arbitrary output variables)

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Elements and AOV’s (Arbitrary Output Variables)


Beauty Elements :
Can be used to recreate the final image in a compositing package.

 Name Type Description Info
DiffuseFilter Beauty Solid unlit colors normally from the diffuse slot in your material editor Filtered
Lighting Beauty Filtered
RawLighting Raw Beauty Unlike Lighting pass this includes values over 1. Filtered
TotalLighting Beauty Filtered
RawTotalLighting Raw Beauty Filtered
GlobalIllumination Beauty Filtered
RawGlobalIllumination Raw Beauty Unlike a GI pass this includes values over 1 as well. Filtered
Reflection Beauty Shows only the reflection Color Filtered
RawReflection Raw Beauty Unlike a Reflection pass this includes values over 1 as well. Filtered
Refraction Beauty Shows only the refraction color Filtered
RawRefraction Raw Beauty Unlike a Refraction pass this includes values over 1 as well. Filtered
Specular Beauty Shows only the specular value Filtered
Shadows Beauty Shows only the Shadow value (Shows as negative colors)  Filtered
Raw Shadow Raw Beauty Unlike a Shadow this includes values over 1 as well. Filtered
SelfIllumination Beauty Filtered

AOV (Arbitrary Output Variables):

Used as technical passes or non image passes.


To filtered or not? You can basically think of filtering as Anti Aliasing. If your pass required a pixel color accuracy (i.e. velocity pass) you would want to turn off filtering

 Name Type Description Info
Alpha  AOV Gray scale of the alpha only (normally not used as the final image contains an alpha) Filtered
Atmosphere  AOV Renders only atmospherics FX Filtered
Background AOV Renders only the background image No Filter
BumpNormals AOV Renders the bump maps normal of a material No Filter
Caustics AOV —- No Filter
DRBucket AOV —- No Filter
ExtraTex AOV RGB based elements used for masking Filtered
Illuminance AOV —- Filtered
LightSelect AOV —- Filtered
MatteShadow AOV —- Filtered
MtlID AOV —- No Filter
MtlReflectGlossiness AOV —- Filtered
MtlReflectHilightGlossiness AOV —- Filtered
MtlReflectIOR AOV —- Filtered
MtlRefractGlossiness AOV —- Filtered
MtlSelect AOV —- Filtered
Normals AOV Renders the normal of each object No Filter
ObjectID AOV Also called object non-primary color element in 3dsmax No Filter
ObjectSelect AOV —- Filtered
ObjectRE AOV —- Filtered
ReflectionFilter AOV —- Filtered
RefractionFilter AOV —- Filtered
RenderID AOV Each piece of geo is assigned a unique non-RGB color No Filter
SampleRate AOV —- Filter / No Filter
SampleInfo AOV —- Filter / No Filter
SS2 AOV —- Filtered
UnclampedColor AOV —- Filtered
Velocity AOV Pixel velocity output as an image. Max velocity set to 1 and clamp velocity off when using float formats. No Filter
Max Velocity = 1
Clamp = off
WireColor AOV Also called object color in 3dsmax No Filter
Zdepth AOV Pixel depth output as an image. Set clamp to off when using float formats No Filter
Clamp = off

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