EXR 2.0 Multilayer Interleaved Renders

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“With EXR1, to access one layer or channel, you had to load the entire file in. With EXR2, you can load just and only what you need, speeding up production.”

EXR 2.0 new features

3dsmax Setup

Unfortunately at this time default 3dsmax Vray will not output a correctly optimized Multi element EXR (external programs  i.e NUKE allowing only loading of elements that are requested. This saves on load/read time).

Vray 3.3 has added a option in the render elements called VRayOptionRE.

  • Unfiltered fragment mode : (untested) Best coverage
  • EXR Compresion : ZIPS
  • EXR Multipart : On

If your having issue with V-Ray not saving a correct EXR 2.2 (for use in Nuke) Add in a VRayOptionRE render element. Then enable exr multipart

The official help file has nothing on it but it did help us at Teague.


Mike Oakely

Mike Oakely

Mike Oakley is a seasoned and passionate freelance visual effects artist in Seattle, Wa. He is a true generalist. Animations, material creations, FX, composting, editing, audio are all skills he enjoys working with. In 2013 he won a Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for the episodic "Banshee". His energetic attitude, strong work ethic and creative insight assures projects are completed on time and exceed expectations. He enjoys changing of hats on a project to fill in gaps on a production.