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Today I will go over naming structure. Something that is always an issue is what to name your file and the objects. Nothing grinds my gears more that opening a project and seeing “Box001”.


This is less of an issue but also a per studio requirement. Some places will have their own naming system. Sometimes this is based on a script or program enforcing these rules.


  • XFiles_104_008_CarExplosion_V015
  • Xfil_104_008_carexplosion_v015
  • TheXFiles_104_008_CarExplosion_v015
The best, simplest, and most consistent naming structure I have come across. Most Studios will do it this way.


While each studio has It’s way I find this very convenient and helps other who may have to poke in your file understandable.


  • Render_Car_Wheels
  • Render_Car_SmokeFX
  • Con_CarRig
  • Rig_CarRig
  • Cam_Projection




As I said before, opening a scene that someone ha handed you only to discover its filled with objects01, shape009, camera001, and the likes will make the OT your working even harder. While even I still have let them slip by overall its a lazy artist. Naming should be up there with … well naming.

[What kinda of object]_[Main Object]_[Sub Part]_[Instance Number]

  • geo_Car_TireFR_001
  • con_Car_TireFR_001
  • node_Car_TireFR_001
  • rig_Car_TireFR_001

Some artist will disagree with theĀ [What kinda of object] as its could be unnecessary. But I have found over the years Geo, Nodes, Helpers, and Shapes can become really jumbled when they start having the same names types. Naming Geo also helps with render passes



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