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Nuke Localization

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Channel Count :

  • How many channels are currently being used
  • Learn MORE about Channels HERE

Localization Mode:

  • on – checks for updates to source clips for all localization policies, and localizes those files set to On or From auto-localize path automatically. On demand source clips must always be localized manually.
  • manual – checks for updates to localized source clips and prompts you to update them manually. Only those with the policy set to off are not updated.
  • off – no source clips are localized, regardless of the their localization policy.
  • (pause) – Will Pause any downloading


  • This is your current memory usage which is set under Nuke > Edit > Preferences > Performance > Localization > Storage > Limit to (GB)


  • What your CPU percentage is doing localizing.


  • Your Read and Write speeds in MB a second


  • Percentage of your net being used to localize
  • This is NOT your maximum download/internet speeds but the speeds between you and your source.



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