Script Clips for Nuke

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  • (random(123,frame*0.1)*0.5)+0.5 | (random(seed,frame*frequency)*amplitude)+valueOffset
  • .width .height | Get the input width and height.
  • .first_frame and .last_frame | Get input first and last frame.
  • .name Name of the node
  • .root will look for the original node

Rendering tips

  • Adding “/5″ to the end of you render frames will render every 5th frame i.e. 1-100/5
Mike Oakely

Mike Oakely

Mike Oakley is a seasoned and passionate freelance visual effects artist in Seattle, Wa. He is a true generalist. Animations, material creations, FX, composting, editing, audio are all skills he enjoys working with. In 2013 he won a Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for the episodic "Banshee". His energetic attitude, strong work ethic and creative insight assures projects are completed on time and exceed expectations. He enjoys changing of hats on a project to fill in gaps on a production.