TPS Car (Turbo Preset Setup Car)

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One thing that I tend to do over and over is car set ups. From the material, texture and render elements. This process below is a continuing work to streamline the process.



  • Unified Car Shaders (Vehicles built off this simple material ID’s assigning allow quick and easy replacements)
  • Vray Shaders
  • Non-texture based grunge and grime mattes. Using max’s built in 2d/3d procedural textures
  • Pre-built  Render Elements to cover all your Comp needs
  • Download available or Make it your own
  • Free to use or change (keeping with the original idea will help migrations)



Vray Multi MaterialMtl ID Channel Matte

Metal Paint

1  1  
Plastic Paint2 2
Bottom of Car3 3
Dark Plastics4  1  
Rubber Seals5 2
Chrome6 3
Windows7  1  
Mirrors8 2
Internal9 3
Head Lights10  1  
Running Lights11 2
Break Lights12 3
Tires13  1  
Rims14 2
Breaks15 3