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Deadline Errors

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Error: ERR: [#####] [#####] License Error

  • Issue: Check to make sure your not running max in workstation mode.
  • Fix: Job Properties -> 3dsmax Settings -> Render Options -> Render in Slave Mode [True/False]

Error: 3dsmax: Trapped SEH Exception in LoadFromFile(): In Page Error

  • Max ran out of memory. Scene too big

Error: RenderTask: Unexpected exception

  • Note that when an error occurs in a Max render, we parse the Max render log
  • This means the problem should be listed in the log

Error: Timed out during script execution

  • The current machine is running out of memory or is to slow.

WARNING: Unable to locate local render file

  • Turn Deadline SMTD > Render > 3ds Max Pathing > (Uncheck) Remove Filename Padding
  • Use 3dsmax > Render Setup > V-Ray > Frame Buffer >V-Ray raw image file > “…” >
  • (Turn off) Dot-delimited frame numbe

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